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How can Rapid Recovery benefit me?

The most important elements of the Rapid Recovery program are:

You are well prepared for surgery by receiving very detailed information before admission.
You will be invited to attend an education session where you will meet the team involved in your care, from the Surgeon to the Physiotherapist.  This will help you to fully understand all aspects of your joint replacement. You will learn about ways to prepare yourself before your admission and how you can optimise your recovery following your joint replacement. 


Small groups of patients undergo surgery on the same day so they can go through the programme together and provide support and encouragement for each other.


Physiotherapy instructions are given before the operation and after the operation the exercises are done in a group.


You are encouraged to identify a ‘coach’, a friend or family member who will share the experience with you and motivate you throughout the process.


Planned Discharge
Your discharge day is planned before your admission to hospital.  You are encouraged to prepare your home and any needs you may have will be assessed and addressed before going into hospital.


The Rapid Recovery team will keep in contact with you after your discharge, maintaining the quality of care and evaluating your satisfaction with the service.

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