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Mrs Maskell - Patient
Well I’ve recommended it to people that I talk to.  There are people of my age who I know are suffering... See video >>


Mr John Maskell - Patient Coach
Going to Joint School, was in my opinion, as an observer, a great step forward... See video >>


Mrs Crawley - Patient
I had a half a knee replacement.  I had worn out the cartilage between the bones... See video >>

Mr Francis - Patient
I was taking a lot of painkillers every hour... I did sports more or less all my life... See video >> 


Mrs Evans

Mrs Evans - Patient
I really felt an old old lady, it was so frustrating that I couldn’t do things as quickly as I wanted...See video >>

Mrs Baker

Mrs Baker- Patient
Mrs Baker had been fit and healthy until 2008 back ache started to affect her daily living... See story >> 




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