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The Vanguard Knee System

Designed to provide mobility, stability, durability and flexibility.

With the Vanguard Knee design, surgical technique and instruments you can expect:

• Less traumatic approach

• Early full extension

• Enhanced patella tracking


Design of Vanguard Knee System:



A high flexion device (145) without the requirement for additional posterior bone resection.  Broad posterior condyles grow proportionally in size, providing enhanced bone coverage.  This enhanced coverage aids in restoring femoral off-set as well as dissipating forces more effectively.


• The rounded sagittal profile of the femur provides a deep swept back trochlear groove resisting patella crepitus and clunk.

• Fully congruent moderately dished articulation reducing polyethylene stresses while still allowing physiological motion.  Patented 1:1 condylar geometry providing surgical flexibility by allowing tibial-femoral interchangeability.

• The rotated articular bearing surface increases the contact area by 13% compared to a linear articulation.


• Made using ArCom, the patented Direct Compression Moulding process with 20 years successful clinical history.

• Two tibial tray variants:

The monobloc – 15 years with 98% survival

Modular polished tray with ArCom – 20 years clinical history with the AGC


10 femoral sizes, 9 tibial trays and 7 levels of tibial bearing constraint.

Two instrument sets, Premier and Microplasty, provide the surgeon with additional choice between the standard parapatellar approach or a less invasive technique with specific instrumentation.

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