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The Oxford® Partial Knee

 The Oxford® Partial Knee System offers:

  • 10, 15 and 20 years proven clinical survivorship1 
  • Optimal patient fit
  • Reproducible approach
  • Quicker recovery and lower morbidity

Restores Kinematics
The Oxford® Partial Knee is indicated for anteromedial osteoarthritis. The nature of the design is to preserve the ACL, which enables restoration of the natural kinematics of the knee, thus restoring the natural balance and stability in flexion and extension.

The design of the Oxford® Partial Knee permits a minimally invasive technique through the use of specially designed instrumentation. This means that bone is milled to accurately balance flexion and extension gaps through a 6 cm incision. The minimal incision avoids disruption of the quadriceps mechanism - providing a quicker recovery.

Clinically Proven
The Oxford® was first implanted in 1976. It has over 30 years of clinical experience and 20 years survivorship of 92% results, results that equal those of the most successful Total Knee Replacements.

Clinical tests have also proven that partial knee replacement prevents osteoarthritis from spreading to other compartments of the knee if the operation is performed at an early stage of the disease.

Minimal Polyethylene Wear
ArCom® polyethylene is utilised for increased wear resistance and together with a fully congruent design provides an average penetration rate of only 0.03mm per year.

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1 Price, A.J and Svard, U20-year survival and 10-year clinical results of the Oxford medial UKA.73rd Annual AAOS Meeting.Chicago, IL,2006.


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