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Rapid Recovery Benefits

The Rapid Recovery programme is designed to address today’s challenges in orthopaedics by helping hospitals achieve:


1. Optimised Clinical Outcomes

  • Increased health-related quality of life 1 (DK)
  • Reduced 30 day mortality and lower readmission rates in hip fracture patients 2 (NL)
  • No increase of readmissions in elective hip & knee arthroplasty patients 3 (DK)
  • Improved function and outcome scores, e.g., WOMAC 4 (D)

2. Higher Patient Satisfaction

  • Patients significantly more satisfied with all parameters related to their hospital stay 5 (UK)
  • Positive correlation of higher patient satisfaction and shorter length of stay 6 (DK)

3. Optimised Length of Stay

  • Significantly reduced duration of hospital stay 4,7,8 (D, DK, UK)
  • Slightly reduced period of rehabilitation 4 (D)

4. Higher Efficiency of Care

  • Significantly lower treatment cost coinciding with an increased health-related quality of life 1 (DK)

5. Increased Staff Satisfaction

  • Considerably increased satisfaction for all involved healthcare professionals despite a perceived moderate increase of workload 9 (S)




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